"La Flor"

From the album "Nuestro Amor". This video has scenes that were shot in Helena, MT and Williamsburg, PA. The dancers were filmed in Reno, NV. and the choreography was done by Gerzon Chaves and Diana Vinasco. My road manager, Roberto Ramirez was in charge of the production.

"Nuestro Amor"

From the album "Nuestro Amor" (Our Love). I like this song, because it talks about people who criticize relationships without knowing all the facts. However, when love between two people is sincere and they support each other, then it's nobody's business but their own. Video produced by Roberto Ramirez


"Que Pasara Mañana"

From the album "El Duque". Filmed on location in the Dominican Republic and featuring my band "Los Cande". The power goes out, so Guarino has to switch his electric bass for a "marimba".  Video produced by Benjamin de Menil



"Su Lado de Cama"

From the album "El Duque". This video was shot in New York and the Dominican Republic. The restaurant scenes were shot at "The East Pole" and it features Rocky Lanes and Dennis Wilson Cornick, Master of dance: Edwin Ferreras.  Video by Eli Ben-Yaacov & Benjamin de Menil